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、The original modular design for the mixing container makes transport and installation rapid and handy and separates the flotsam from the usable stuff.
2、The loop belt feeding machine of material distributor has a frequency conversion speed control whose high and low speed can be adjustable. This original structure facilitates belt change and makes feeding more fluent,which saves power consumption. Besides,there is an alarm which will remind the user when the machine uses up raw material.
3、Efficient and heat-preserving dry cylinder and special forms of vane and material shade make heat exchange more mature. Moreover, the imported burner can use both heavy oil and diesel, which is efficient and saves energy consumption.
4、Vibrating screen adopts linear total closed structure with the vibrator placed outside. It has a high sceening efficiency,and sceening net can be maintained and changed easily with imported bearing more reliable.
5、A continuous localizer is installed in hot aggregate container,which is definitely visible to the operator. The aggregate weighing is conducted twice at large and small doors, which greatly improves weighing precision. The special-structure material door won’t be easily plugged up and will work more reliably.
6、Mixing engine designed with European technology has double reductor with highspeed synchronization. Well-weighed asphalt can directly pour into mixing kettle through pump and powder material can scatter into mixing kettle through helical, which makes mixing more even and speedy. It preserves wood fiber adding mouth and used material regeneration inlet.
7、Dust-removing system adopts imported NOMEX bags to limit dust density discharged into the air within 50mg/Nm3,which is completely up to state environmental protection requirements. Dust blown down will be collected into collection tank through dust lifter for reuse to avoid second pollution.
8、Control system adopts SIEMENS integrated solution which plays a leading role in industry automation field, and uses PROFIBUS field general line to form a medium-large distributed automation system. The machine adopts double industrial computer on-line backup and dynamic display in operating method,and conducts all operations by mouse with no button. It has realtime fault monitor control with such functions as parameter setting,data management,and fault diagnosis, etc. It measures precisely and can realize manual, semi-auto, and automatic control with steady and reliable property.
Year Established: Oct 1,1991
CEO/General Manager Yu Hanling
Business Type: Manufacturer ?
Main Product/Services: tower crane,construction elevator,concrete pump,concrete batching plant,asphalt mixing plant?
Main Markets: Southeast Asia,Mid East,Africa,Worldwide
Number of Employees 1001 - 2000
Annual Sales US$ 2.5 Million - US$ 5 Million
Factory Area(m2) 800000
Provide OEM Service yes
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