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About us
Thunder Precision Resist Co Ltd is an experienced professional manufacturer of high precision resists ultra high precision resists

Thunder Precision Resists has me than 20 years of experience in development design manufacturing qualified precision resists All production is strictly controlled follows an extensive set of instructions established in production procedure f reproducibility which was introduced in 1988 with USD40000000
Thunder Precision Resists passed the ISO9000??2000 audi
Year Established: Oct 28,1993
CEO/General Manager Charles Chen
Business Type: Trading Company ?
Main Product/Services: ultra high precision resistors,ultra high precision resistor networks,high precision melf resistors,non-inductance resistors?
Main Markets: Worldwide,
Number of Employees 101-500
Annual Sales US$ 50 Million - US$ 100 Million
Factory Area(m2)
Provide OEM Service no
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