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About us
Founded in 2014,Dalian Jingtong Technology Co.,LTD located in Desheng Industrial Park, Jinpu New District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China, covers an area of 6500 square meters, the annual output value is 4 million dollars. The company employs more than 50 people, including 4 senior engineers, 4 quality inspectors and 5 managers,processing workers more than 40 people that most of them are skilled workers.
Mainly engaged in sheet metal parts processing, metal cutting (laser cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting), mechanical processing, riveting welding processing, and auto parts production, forklift accessories, air conditioning accessories, etc. We are a sheet metal parts processing enterprises combined design, production and sales.
The?company?has?HanKwang?laser?cutting?machine,?Koike?flame?cutting?machine, 8T?Japanese?AMADA?bending?Machine, 35T?and?45T Japanese AMADA?punching?machines, 80T?and?150T?Japanese?AMADA?bending?machines, two?units?Matsushita welding?robots, YH32-200A hydraulic?press, 4ASS?Milling?machine, QC12Y?Shear?Machine?and?other?processing?equipment.
At present, we serve the engineering manufacturing industry, elevator manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing industry, etc., and have gradually developed into a company providing sheet metal supporting services for automobile manufacturing and engineering vehicle manufacturing.
Year Established: May 6,2014
CEO/General Manager RENFU ZHANG
Business Type: Manufacturer ?
Main Product/Services: Sheet Metal Parts China, Laser Cutting China, China machining, Custom metal parts, Sheet Metal Fabrication China, Customized precision machining parts?
Main Markets: Worldwide
Number of Employees 101-500
Annual Sales US$ 1 Million - US$ 2.5 Million
Factory Area(m2) 5000
Provide OEM Service no
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