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Digital Measuring Projector

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CPJ-3000Z series of projectors are photoelectric measuring system of high precision and efficiency. The image on the

screen is in the same direction wth the work pieces .It is widely used in the trade of mechanism, meter, electricity, light

industry, college, research institute and measurement-inslecting department.This imstrument can inpect all kinds of surface

and outline of compli-cated work-Pieces, cam, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter and so on.

CPJ-3000Z series of projectors is famous for its excellent quality of the optical system. It is processed clear image and accurate magnification. The error of the contour measuring is under 0.08% under the illumination..the indication error of the coordinate is under(3+L/75) µm,(L is the length of the work pieces to be measured,unit:mm) This instrument provides the DC-3000 data processing system and foot-switch,which are convenient to output and gather the data.

Model Erect image CPJ-3007Z CPJ-3010Z CPJ-3015Z
Working table The metal table??s size(mm) 260*152 306*152 340*152
The glass table??s size(mm) 125*100 175*100 196
X-axis travel(mm) 75 100 150
Y-axis travel(mm) 50 50 50
Z-axis travel(mm) 90(for focus) 90(for focus) 90(for focus)
Measuring accuracy(µm) 3+L/75 3+L/50 4+L/25
Resolution(X-axis,Yaxis) 0.001mm

Screen size (mm) Ø 312 Used range>Ø 300(with the meter line)
Screen rotary range 0¡ã~360¡ã

Resolution(X-axis,Y-axis) 0.01¡ã
Lens Magnification 10X(option) 20X(option) 50X(option) 100X(option)
Object view(mm) Ø30 Ø15 Ø6 Ø3
Working distance(mm) 77.7 44.3 38.4 25.3
Max.workpiece height 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Dimension weight L*W*H(mm) 770*550*1100 770*550*1100 770*550*1100
Unit:kg 120 125 130
Data processing system DC-3000 multi-function data processing system ,appearing in chinese ,can be used to gather the data and measure the point , line, circle, angle and distance
Illumination The illumination of transmission and reflection: 24V/150W-halogen lamp.
Power 110V/220V(AC),50/60HZ, Total power=400W.
Cold By three fans
Option Mini-printer Edge detector ,M2D software and so on,please refer to Accessories for projector for more details.
Ideal table Loading weight>250kg ,Dimension:800(L)*550(W)*650(H)mm.
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